The Swine Flu, Avian Flu, Bird Flu project presented on this site was put together by ORLANDO SYSTEMS Inc. of Valley Stream, NY, USA.

ORLANDO SYSTEMS Inc. of New York, New York, USA; and the other members of the group, are companies dedicated to the leading edge technology for Emergency Systems Integrations, Mobile, Medical, data and voice communications. Our Mobile Medical, Biological Laboratories use advanced technology for Epidemics Diagnosis, Monitoring and Prevention. Advanced Mobile Medical Support Cells combining Mobile Clinics, labs and Ambulances available for Emergency or Remote Medical Support. See also for more information.

The Company has offices in New York, Budapest, Hungary, Italy and in Bucharest, Romania, operating as an American-Romanian partnership, ORLANDO Telecom SRL.

ORLANDO SYSTEMS, with a unique blend of expertise in the area of Microwave Transmissions, GSM, CATV, Radiation and NBC monitoring in Eastern Europe, has represented  some of the largest manufacturers of telecommunications equipment in the industry. We also Manufacture the Mobile Biological Laboratories showed on this page. We have training facilities available for Laboratory operations and available Medical personnel to support our Projects..

We at ORLANDO SYSTEMS, are very excited to introduce our World Wide Web re-designed place of Special Projects, and we plan to invite you soon to browse for a wide range products for overseas markets.

Armored Special Medical Utility Vehicle.

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